Thursday, 31 October 2013



Adults are getting into the Halloween spirit more and more every year. Local Costume shops like Value Village in Niagara Falls are seeing a big increase in adults looking for costumes of all types. Employee Jen Polmanter helps people put together their costumes.
(MIKE DIBATTISTA Niagara Falls Review)

NIAGARA FALLS  REVIEW- It’s a good reason to dress up — no matter your age.

Once in high school, in some cases even earlier, many parents would tell their children they’re too old for Halloween. It’s for little kids. That’s so passe.

You’re as likely to now find a hulking man donning a zombie hotdog costume or an attractive woman dressed up as a sexy bartender as you are to see a child Batman.
Adults love Halloween, too. It’s no longer just a one-day candy giveaway. There are just as many grown-up parties as there are mini chocolate bars being dropped into trick-or-treat bags.
You can thank all those popular zombie and vampire television shows and movies, and a generation of people unwilling to allow their young-at-heart outlook to grow old. Another element helping the adult Halloween movement is the growing nerd and geek culture, as well as the costume enthusiast crowd.

Niagara resident Shantel Knight has been a professional cosplayer for the last four years. The 21-year-old attends about seven conventions or expos a year dressed in costumes and accessories that represent various video-game, horror-movie, comic-book or anime characters.
“It’s not just the creative aspect” that Knight says she enjoys about the performance art, but also the feeling one gets when dressed up as someone “you admired or idolized throughout your life.”
She says “expressing your geeky side is definitely a lot more mainstream now,” particularly among older teens and adults than it was in the past. And it’s spreading to Halloween.

“Cosplayers say they do it whenever they want to, but on Halloween everyone can dress up and more and more of them do.”

Scott Henderson, chairman and associate professor of the communication, popular culture and film department at Brock University, says Halloween has “almost become more of an adult” celebration during the last five years

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Niagara Cottage Remembers the War Veterans

Niagara Cottage remembers the War Veterans and offers a free night on November 11th, 2013.

Last year Maria Rekrut, owner and operator of Niagara on the Lake Cottage Rental didn't have any takers of her generous offer in 2012.

Every year on November 11th, Ms Rekrut offers a free night at her cottage rental to a war veteran, and she's offering this once again this year.

Ms Rekrut states, that she hopes that this year a worthy candidate will come forward and take advantage of this offer.

Anyone knowing a war veteran who would like to stay have them call 905-980-0346 to make
a reservation.